Price File’s have arrived!

The new Consumables Price File is now available!

We have 2 versions available for you!  One of which is suitable for iPad users and the other version for PC users.

iPad version:-  As the iPad cannot use the drop down arrows we have re-worked the price file to follow in color order to the catalogue, Parts are easy to find as they are displayed alphabetically.

PC Version:-  This is quick and simple to use as the drop down arrows will allow you chose from the Category Header which section you wish to look at. This has been color coded to the catalogue and the entire price file is displayed alphabetically.

Please call 01268 756 216 to request yours or alternatively email to make your request.

For those of you that have already requested a Price File we are currently in the process of sending them out and you will receive it this week.

We would like to Thank-you for your patience however we hope you would agree; it was worth the wait!

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